To cover the overhead costs generated by the association, every quiery we receive concerning a figure o diorama that you might be painting, we will ask you to donate a sum of 2,50€, or 25€ per month to the association. The actual amount will depend on the amount of information you need provided by our expert and is listed in the Services section below on this page.

The types of donation correspond to the two services offered, denominated as basic and tutored covering the different needs for each hobbyist. You may want to to donate a different amount in which case we have a section you can input the quantity.

When you make the donation via the PayPal link please include your name so that we can identify the quiery with the donation and properly answer the problems exposed.


Basic Service

Here we have a quick orientation for your figure. If you have a doubt on how to paint the eyes or what colors to use for the lights and shadows, etc. you pay a small fee and we will get back to you via email or you can call our expert within workshop hours.
Tutored Service

With this service our expert will "look over your shoulder" while you paint your figure or diorama.
You can phone as many times as its necesary on all the tuesdays and thursdays of the month or communicate via email any day.


Donación por servicio
Other Amount:


Contact us for custom unique hand painted historical figures. Whether it´s for your private collection or you just want to give a priceless present to a loved one. We can advise you on the type of figure, time taken and dress, historical or fantasy.

If you need us to study an event or you just want a special customized uniform or family kilt, we have an extensive library and can lookup these details in order to provide you with the precise exact figure.